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Wrassle Rap

Aug 26, 2017

Were not at the point that we can have a live SummerSlam podcast yet, so we figured that we would bring the live show podcast to you. Broadcasting from the WWE 2K18 party, Sparks, Kaz and Snapgod gather the biggest wrestling stars on the planet for our biggest episode ever. Our guests include Kurt Angle, Bray Wyatt,...

Aug 19, 2017

On this week's episode of Wrasslerap, Kaz returns from parts unknown to preview SummerSlam with Emilio Sparks and special guest, Wifisfuneral. The rising artist talks about his new album, Boy Who Cried Wolf, his wrestling lineage, what made him a huge wrestling fan, and how it inspires his daily attitude.

Aug 12, 2017

With Kaz on special assignment. Emilio tags with Cheap Heat's Stat Guy Greg, the two discuss is Bayley type washed? Janela vs Rush and how to rebuild Enzo Amore. 

Aug 5, 2017

This one is from our archive, its features Sami Callihan. The “Callihan Death Machine” talks about his his time at NXT and why he requested his release, his post-WWE goals, Toys, the Ghostbusters movie and more.